EnergyIoT Article 1 – Get Your Head in the Cloud – A Call to Action

  • Apr 22, 2019 5:30 pm GMT

By Stuart McCafferty, Eamonn McCormick, David Forfia

What if we could create a bridge between the world of physical devices in the energy industry and the world of virtual processes in the cloud? Such a bridge would enable a whole new era of opportunity to change our world for the better. We would no longer be handicapped by siloed architectures and industrial era technologies. We would have the freedom to tether the power of our silicon driven civilization in a new way that transforms the physical world. We would be able to dynamically add and manage clean assets on the grid.  We would be able to rapidly enable new business models and make positive change happen in a reliable, safe, scalable, resilient and economic way. If you think back to the role of android in the cell phone market, having a common operating system that mediated between hardware and the “world of apps” was a prerequisite for the age of the “smartphone”.  The android-enabled smartphone has changed the world and opened up a whole new universe of opportunity, innovation, and economic development. Creating such a bridge between the world of energy-consuming and energy-producing devices will be similar, enabling a fundamental revolution in the way that utilities, transmission operators, customers, and third parties interact with the electric power grid.

The world of energy must change. 

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