EnergyIoT Article 3 – IoT Architecture Big Picture

  • Apr 29, 2019 2:15 pm GMT

By Stuart McCafferty, Eamonn McCormick, and David Forfia

This is the third in a series of articles introducing an EnergyIoT Conceptual Model that leverages modern architectural elements, such as virtualization, containerization, orchestration, rich semantic information models, message buses, DevOps  microservices, and the cloud.  This architecture:

  • Is elastic and scalable
  • Is service-oriented
  • Is event-driven
  • Enables edge computing as well as more traditional centralized computing
  • Is data-centric
  • Is secure
  • Uses Internet Protocol (IP) addressing scheme
  • Uses rich semantics for communication (not points or register-based) – interoperability
  • Is extensible and designed to be adapted in the future
  • Is redundant and fail safe
  • Can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, distributed on the grid, or any combination of those options
  • Employs distributed hierarchical control and coordination
  • Is designed with expected communication losses

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