EnergyIoT Article 6 – Energy Services (DevOps) Domain – The Heart of the Ecosystem

  • May 13, 2019 3:37 pm GMT

By Stuart McCafferty, Eamonn McCormick, and David Forfia

Figure 1- EnergyIoT Conceptual Model

This is the sixth in a series of articles introducing an event-driven, data-centric EnergyIoT Conceptual Model.  This article describes the virtual Energy Services (DevOps) Cloud Domain highlighted in the image above by the thick red outlined cloud in the upper right.  The Energy Systems Cloud Domain we envision:

  • “Abstracts” the complexity and brittleness of communications between systems and OT assets using digital twin agents
  • Provides modern “microservices” to support virtualization, containerization, and orchestration
  • Leverages messaging bus technologies such as pub/sub
  • Uses rich semantic information model standards to drive interoperability
  • Enables intelligent grid-edge devices to self-report “by exception” or on a timed basis and support an event-driven architecture
  • Simplifies data usage with secure data-retrieval services and publish/subscribe (pub/sub) message bus standards that enables easier, less expensive system integration, and faster command and control response capabilities
  • Enables a variety of modern data storage systems to support structured, unstructured, smart contract/digital ledger formats
  • Exposes energy-specific services for DevOps teams including source code management, software development and IoT orchestration
  • Provides the most advanced, modern cyber security technologies and tools across the entire ecosystem with the added capability of adapting to new cyber security challenges universally as new/evolved threat management tools become available
  • Reduces time and costs for systems integration by providing  services and standardized data definitions
  • Accommodates opportunities to all stakeholders for innovation, new services and capabilities
  • Includes analytic tools and capabilities to continuously improve and optimize operational and market activities

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