Part 1 and 2: Biofuels – Don’t Fuel Yourself

By Stuart McCafferty and Eamonn McCormick

Oh Yes, They Most Certainly Knew

The major oil and gas companies are all enthusiastically jumping into the biofuel market, telling the world that it is “carbon-neutral” and that they are addressing climate change as good stewards of the environment. 


In 2015, Inside Climate News performed eight months of investigation interviewing ExxonMobil’s former employees and reviewing internal company documents. What they found, and what has not been disputed, is a long history of climate change research by the company that yielded the fact that burning fossil fuels and the release of C02 and methane into the atmosphere would lead to dangerous global warming.  Much of this work was performed throughout the 1970’s and 80’s – 40 years ago.

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