Gridintellect provides consulting services for next generation energy infrastructure solutions. We serve government agencies, non-profit organizations, utilities, and commercial businesses with strategic, technology, business, program, and project design and management related to Smart Infrastructure, Energy Resiliency, Microgrids, and Energy Storage. We not only understand the “big picture,” we help formulate the big picture in these industries.


Our team helps infrastructure firms and technology providers bring intelligence (Smart) to their existing and future infrastructure for electric, gas, and water systems and services.

Critical Infrastructure Modernization Technology Consulting: Our technology experts provide the necessary technical knowledge to ensure successful implementation of critical infrastructure technologies. We provide expert support for a wide variety of critical infrastructure technologies including Smart Grid, Smart Water, Smart Transportation, Smart Waste, Smart Oil and Gas, demand response, electric vehicles, advanced metering and communications, and renewable energy just to name a few.

Our founder led the formation and operation of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) under contract to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) effort for 6 years under the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007.

Critical Infrastructure Market Analysis: The traditional grids that your parents knew are quickly becoming “Smart” with a vast array of sensors measuring and helping to control every aspect of generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption and communicating in ways never considered previously. As new products and innovations enter the market, investment money is flowing as investors attempt to capitalize on the ongoing changes. GridIntellect provides the market analysis to understand commercialization requirements, customer demographics, market size and demand, R&D and production cost estimates, barriers and challenges, risks and rewards. From simple SWOT analysis to technology road-mapping to detailed business and marketing plans, our staff has the expertise to provide a thorough understanding of the market for new technologies and services.

Strategic Management Consulting: Our senior staff provides strategic consulting services to executives, line managers, and program managers. Vast experience in implementing grid modernization strategies and technologies provides us with a unique perspective and lots of lessons learned. Our expert advice will help you navigate the challenging, changeable world of critical infrastructure modernization strategies and help you to eliminate costly missteps along the way.

Our team has led or supported five utility and state Smart Grid technology and business road-mapping projects working with utilities, state agencies, federal agencies, universities, local stakeholders, consumer advocacy groups, and private companies in building consensus for paths forward to better infrastructure reliability, financial performance, and emissions reductions.

Program and Project Management Consulting: Our Project Management Institute award-winning, certified project management staff is available to assist you no matter what stage of the project you are in. Whether you need support for the planning, implementation, control, or close out of your project, GridIntellect has the deep, broad experience to help you manage risk, cost, resources, and schedule effectively. We provide contracted program and project management services to support you at any time in the project lifecycle – from the very beginning, when you need Program Management Office (PMO) oversight for large contractors, or when your project is broken and you need a seasoned professional to help bring it under control and capture the expected benefits.

Our team is constantly helping new technology firms find their business and technology role in the Smart Infrastructure future. Past and current firms include communications infrastructure, distributed energy resource controls, energy storage, and grid equipment vendors.


Our team is working across the energy spectrum helping the US government, states, utilities, and commercial businesses understand energy resiliency and the implications for the nation’s infrastructure. As the data shows that the number and severity of storms are increasing, the industry is formulating new strategies for hardening and recovering from storms, events, and attacks.

Resiliency and Energy Assurance/Surety Consulting: GridIntellect partners have the skills and experience to develop Local Energy Assurance Plans, Disaster Response Plans, and other related resiliency planning documentation. We can identify and prioritize the “low hanging fruit” water/energy-saving and energy-generating projects for public and private entities that optimize tight budgets. Whether developing fuel delivery plans, upgrading traffic lights to LED lamps, installing dual-fuel generators at sewage pump stations, or developing Community Resiliency Microgrids – our team can help your government organization or company optimize its plans for hardening the critical infrastructure systems, providing basic services, and reducing outage recovery times from natural or man-made disasters.

Cyber Physical System and Technology Consulting: GridIntellect has the deep domain and systems engineering experience to plan, design, and support the implementation of the complex world of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). Our disciplined systems engineering and project management processes and deep experience in communications, computer-based command and control, security, and physical infrastructure provide our clients with personnel and experience that can draw from lessons-learned and provide innovative solutions to effectively develop and manage these highly-complex systems of systems.

Physical and Cyber Security: Our cyber security partners are a breed apart. Luckily, they wear the “white hats” and work diligently to protect our customers’ assets and information. Whether you need bench-work penetration testing, physical security assessments and planning, cyber security standards support, enterprise cyber policy strategies, or corporate cyber and physical security strategy, our experts have the capabilities and experience to minimize security threats and maximize your “peace of mind.”


Having designed 40 microgrids and built four, our team has more experience than any other microgrid design firm in the nation.

Microgrid/MilGrid Design Support: Microgrids offer a variety of compelling business opportunities to help meet organizational mission requirements, participate in the electricity markets, increase energy surety/resiliency, and incorporate renewable energy resources. Our holistic design strategy uses a disciplined requirements development process, economic and physics modeling and simulation, lessons learned, and strong analytics to optimize the type, size, and location of Microgrid assets. This methodical strategy works well for companies, campuses, utilities, and government agencies who are trying to optimize the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency measures, and control strategies to minimize the cost and risks of implementing a Microgrid to achieve economic, reliability, resiliency, and emissions reduction objectives.

Feasibility Study Support: GridIntellect provides analysis and written reports describing the feasibility of infrastructure modernization and resiliency programs. The analysis includes site, economic, technology, personnel, schedule, and policy challenges to address during planning, implementation, and operationalization of critical infrastructure modernization systems and resiliency projects. Our experts will perform a detailed analysis of your modernization or resiliency program, including cost assessments, alternative approaches, recommendations for project prioritization and scheduling, product and/or service options, financing or grant opportunities, independent technical analysis and reports, and a thorough risk assessment with mitigation strategies.

Microgrid Development: Once a microgrid has been proven feasible, the hard work begins. The development process for a microgrid is complex and challenging as it incorporates technology evaluation, siting and permitting, environmental impact assessment, long-term energy services agreements, interconnection studies and agreements, regulatory assessments, and securing financial partners just to begin construction. Having gone through this process with four installed microgrids and currently working on several more, GridIntellect understands the challenges and success path to delivering an operating microgrid.

Our team is constantly helping new technology firms find their business and technology role in the Microgrid future. Firms include communications infrastructure, distributed energy resource controls, multiple energy storage types, generators, fuel cells, combined heat and power (CHP), and intelligent grid equipment vendors.


From our experience on Smart Grid projects and Microgrid projects, electric and thermal energy storage place essential roles in the reliability, resiliency, and economics of distributed energy resource (DER) fleets and microgrids. Energy storage plays several simultaneous roles that give Microgrids the flexibility to deliver optimal performance.

GridIntellect has expanded its expertise to assisting utilities, commercial businesses, universities, and energy storage technology companies with engineering and delivery of solutions that best support energy storage goals:
• Frequency and voltage support
• VAR management services
• Solar PV shaping and shifting
• Accommodation of PV and Wind variability
• Demand response
• Buffering seamless transition between states
• Blackstart support
• Directed discharging and charging operations

GridIntellect principals have been involved in multiple industry groups solving energy storage issues.

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